Art by Troili – A unique way of surrounding yourself with art
that brings energy to your everyday life.
Art by Troili – A unique way of surrounding yourself with art
that brings energy to your everyday life.
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What our customers say

“Art by TROILI has created a unique combination of exciting art, tasteful design och fantastic quality”. It has also been a joy to get the possibility of discovering the artist Birgitta Troilis lifework in this manner. “Thanks to Art by TROILI I now have the access to a a completely new way of surrounding myself with art that brings energy to my everyday life. What pillows -what art!”

— Hilda Ljunghill

“The beautiful pillows from Art by TROILI has lit up our livingroom. I can really recommend them, both when it comes to quality of the product and to the wonderful customer interaction and support.”

— Catharina Byfors

“Fantastic beautiful pillows that lifts the entire home with their shine, quality and design. That are also wonderfully comfortable”

— Lena Englund


“Tasteful and innovative designthinking with a strong sense for details”

— Pia Sander

“I am pleased with my purchase. The pillows bring a smile to my face everyday, beautiful colours and a wonderful shape. “

— Johan Törnell


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Find inspiration from different homes that have chosen to surround their homes with beauty from Art by Troli. Don’t hesitate to send your pictures as well to help inspire others

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How missing someone becomes the birth of a new business

What would happen if we let go of traditional beliefs on where an oil painting should be placed? If we transformed oilcanvases, removing them from their fixed places on the wall?

Art is alive, an expression of life in all its forms, and should therefore be allowed in multiple dimensions of our daily life.

Growing up in an artist home, I wanted to honor my late mother, Birgitta Troili, and share her oil paintings in a new way.

I researched the idea, as my criteria for production were very specific. I needed it to be 100 % true to the originals, staying true to colorscheemes, combining an Italian colour palette with Scandinavian simplicity. The materials had to mirror the feeling of a canvas, with images on one side and the roughness of a canvas on the other. It had to be an eco-friendly product in high quality, and still represent the sense of style and simplicity that was such a strong characteristic in my mothers style – elegant with no fuss.   

Today we produce Art pillows – or as I would like to call them Oilcanvases on a pillow. 

Each Art by Toili pillow is handmade, on 100% organic linen and produced on demand in southern Sweden.

The cushions in duck dune and feather are provided by a Danish producer certified and approved by Animal Protection in Denmark.   

Each artwork is numbered 1–45 and every piece is unique.

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When creating becomes the driver of a lifetime

“Her artistry is ageless with many different layers. Each layer revealing a new dimension. Different eras display new dimensions of her expression. Her abstract pictures, and the method she applied, painting layers over layers over earlier works, creates a multi dimensional feeling, leaving plenty of room for imagination. The pictures grow over time.”

Birgitta Troili born i Stockholm 1934, has given in to her passion to create from early years. In her youth the first studio was established in the family basement where she experimented with ceramics, sculptures and textile designs. She left Stockholm in the middle of the nineteenfifties after a having completed a teaching degree.

After having delivered on formal expectations, she broke off with traditional ways of living and left Sweden, to pursue her life dream. She applied and got accepted at Accademia delle belle arti in Rome.

She stayed in Rome for nearly 20 years, and continued pursuing her artistic passion.

In the early seventies the family moved back to Sweden, in which she parallel to her work has continued to dedicate space for a long life of artistry.

”What is seemingly a picture of one thing shapes shifts and new details come into play It is almost like cloud watching on a sunny day.”

Most of Birgittas work are canvases on oil, but she has also produced a series of aquarelles, and sculptures of beachwood.

Her creative drive and passion for art continued throughout her life and the legacy she left behind is a world full of colors and paintings.